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Please call 07817 643167 in an emergency – we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Whether you’ve lost your keys, need to change your locks, need help with door access, or require help to repair damage following a break-in, one of our expert engineers can be with you within 1 hour.  Sutton Coldfield based local locksmith, Chubb Locksmiths, specialise in emergency services, with a number available 24/7, a response time of as little as 30 minutes and operating across the West Midlands, we are here to help you in your moment of need.
We can cut keys for you on site, and supply and install and the materials required to make your property secure according to your lock requirements.

One of our professional services we at Chubb Locksmiths offer to the public and businesses, are as emergency locksmiths, with our highly trained and skilled engineers and specialists are on call 24 hours a day for our client’s needs.

This is one of the many services we provide which has helped establish our reputation within and throughout Sutton Coldfield and around Birmingham. The fact that our emergency locksmiths and security engineers are prepared for an emergency call at any hour of the day or of the night and respond rapidly, puts us ahead of our competitors when it comes to assisting and helping you in if your locks have been picked, your house broken into, our your home security breached.

Do I qualify for emergency Locksmith Services?

Changing locks or opening a door if your are locked out of your house, we consider the majority of our clients’ calls as jobs that require swift and quick attention. Depending on the amount of locksmiths and lock technicians we have available when you call, and the nature of your request, our response time may vary from 30 minutes to an hour, yet we will always do our best to get to you as fast as we can.

Break-ins and Burglaries

The emergencies which will take precedent over others are break-ins and burglaries. Unfortunately, a common callout for our emergency locksmiths are to houses and premises that have been recently burgled or broken into. Immediately after being the victim of burglary or a housebreaking, customers often feel scared and vulnerable in their own homes. At Chubb Locksmiths, our mission is to make you feel safe in your house, and give you the reassurance that your loved ones and valuable possessions are as well. If you are in such as situation, call us straight away on 07817 643167.

After such a traumatic event, we want to make sure you can gain access back to your house as quickly as possible to recover. We also want to make sure that your locks a properly and professionally changed, replaced and installed, so you have no doubt about being safe, preventing this situation from happening again. This is why we work closely with the police, making sure our anti snap locks are the safest and most secured against lock snapping and lock bumping, and are installation services provided solely by our top and most qualified experts. It is the quality of our products and services which has made us able to now say that our locks are recommended by the police, ensuring you that you won’t have to fear for your safety any more.

Lock Outs

A common situation for which we will provide emergency services are lock outs, when a customer is locked out of their home or place of business. This maybe because they’ve simply lost their keys or the locks have been damaged and won’t work, however, if you’re shivering in the cold at 2am, this is clearly an emergency that we can remedy by sending out one of our engineers, who can simply open your door for you and cut a replacement key onsight. Whether you have forgotten your keys inside your house and cannot get back in, misplaced or lost your keys or have unfortunately had your keys stolen, we can get to you in 30 minutes if you live around Sutton Coldfield.

We will not only restore access to your house, but also change your locks and keys to make sure you are then safe and secured in your house, notably if you have lost your keys or had them stolen, also providing lock repair services if they were to have been damaged.

Legal Actions

On previous occasions, we have lended our services to bailiffs and other businesses, where our emergency locksmiths and their years of experience were required to assist in recovering a property or possessions. Working efficiently and proficiently, sometimes in under difficult and tiring situations, our conduct and experience has made us the prefered contractors for businesses with these particular needs.

This is why our emergency locksmith services are chosen above our competitors, because our locksmiths provide a quick professional and reassuring service to our customers, understanding that there is more to our services than replacing locks.

What to do in case of an emergency?

Firstly, if your house has been broken into, burgled or your doors or locks forced or picked, or you keys been stolen, call your local police station to report it and make a deposition. Once you have reported the crime, call us straight away on 07817 643167 and we will be on our way and taking it from there.

If you have left your keys inside of your house or forgotten them somewhere, simply call us on our emergency number, 07817 643 167 and one of our locksmiths will be with you, within an hour.

The majority of our emergency visits are to properties where the locks have been snapped or drilled and burglars have easily gained entry.
Don’t be our next call out – upgrade your locks today.

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Alternatively, you can come and visit us, at our Sutton Coldfield shop or simply contact us for more information about our products and services.


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