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We have frequently spoken on this blog about the importance of anti-snap locks to protect your property against burglars. Anti snap locks are designed to protect against lock snapping, lock bumping, lock drilling and lock picking, all of which are simple techniques that are used to break-in to residential properties on a regular basis. Whilst lock cylinders may appear secure, particularly if there is a double-locking mechanism, the truth is, only every day tools are needed to break into your home.

Lock snapping is one of the most common techniques used for breaking and entering residential and commercial properties. We recently heard of a burglary in Streetly where burglars broke in through a conservatory door by snapping the lock and were able to steal a Mercedes and a haul of expensive watches. The burglary was carried out between the hours of 1pm and 7.30pm, when it is likely that there were people around in the area. Realistically, lock snapping can be carried out in such a short time that burglaries can be carried out without neighbours noticing anything untoward.

It is likely that this burglary would not have happened if anti snap locks had been in place. Burglars and in most cases opportunists, who will only attack properties that they are able to gain entry to quickly and without being noticed.

At Chubb Locksmiths, we sell and install Ultion anti snap locks. These locks are approved by the Police, the Master Locksmiths Association and British Standards. Protected by 11 pins and even snap secure when you leave the key in the lock, Ultion locks have the technology to prevent lock snapping and other common breaking and entering techniques.

We can install new locks in your home in as little as 10 minutes, providing you with a highly effect security upgrade. We urge you to ensure your home is as secure as possible and encourage you to spread awareness of lock snapping.

To arrange for new locks to be fitted at your property, please call us today on 0121 353 3644.

Should you be in need of an emergency locksmith service, be sure to write down our 24-hour emergency phone number, or save it on your phone: 07817 643167.