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With Christmas fast approaching our homes are likely to be full of brand-new gifts and goodies waiting to be opened on the big day.

Unfortunately, this makes homes in the UK more enticing for burglars than at any other time of the year, with criminals aware that breaking into residential properties can be more profitable than ever.

To help with keeping your home safe this Christmas, here we offer some top tips on preventing domestic burglary over the festive period.

Keep gifts hidden

Although keeping gifts under the Christmas tree has a traditional charm, it also gives would-be burglars easy access to your presents. It is recommended that festive gifts, particularly high-value items, be kept locked away in an upstairs area of your home until Christmas Day arrives.

Close the curtains

During winter when the days are far shorter, windows offer would-be burglars the perfect view of what your property has to offer. Closing all ground-floor curtains at night time is a great way to prevent this, protecting your home from prying eyes.

Stay well lit

Burglars are far less likely to break into a property if they think it may be occupied, so leaving the lights on in a downstairs room is an excellent preventative measure. The majority of intruders wish to make a quick and undisturbed robbery, so the chance of being interrupted is a major deterrent.

Ask a friend

If you are going away this Christmas it is important to ask a friend, neighbour or relative to drop into your home to make sure everything is as it should be. They can also help to hide the fact that the house is unoccupied by clearing up letters at the front door, moving furniture and closing curtains.

Burglar-proof locks

The best way of preventing break-ins is to install burglar-proof ABS locks. These state-of-the-art security installations are resistant to the many modern techniques used by burglars, including lock snapping, bumping, drilling and picking.

Need help keeping your home safe this Christmas?

Chubb Locksmiths is based in Sutton Coldfield and provides a wide selection of locksmith services to ensure the safety and security of domestic properties.

If you would like to discuss keeping your home safe this Christmas period, including the installation of burglar-proof anti-snap locks, please contact the team at Chubb Locksmiths today on 07817 643167.