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In recent years the number of car thefts throughout the UK has risen significantly, highlighting a serious issue. Data collected from 5 million car insurance enquires were analysed between July 2017 and June 2018 to see where the crime was most frequent. Birmingham landed third place with 9.5 per 1,000 cars being stolen.

Most recently in Sutton Coldfield a mum of three experienced car thieves breaking into her home and stealing her £50,000 A7 Audi Quattro. After 1AM on Tuesday 6th November thieves snapped the front door lock in her Four Oaks home to take three sets of keys and wallets before taking off with her car.

It is becoming very common for criminals to break into homes to steal nothing but sets of car keys. However, there are many ways to upgrade your home security to minimise your risk of being burgled.

Deterring Car Thieves

To deter criminals from targeting your car, it’s time to look at how you can upgrade your security. If your property comes with a garage, clear out your tool boxes and bikes and make room from your car. Keeping your car hidden and locked away inside a well secured garage can deter criminals whose time and resources are limited.

If not, physical locks for your steering wheel and car wheels are available from many car stores that will often be too challenging or too time consuming to break through. Tools to secure your parking area are also available, such as creating a driveway barrier with security bollards positioned in front of your car.

Upgrading Your Home Security

Common cylinder locks can often leave your residential or commercial building vulnerable, as their low-standard design can easily be broken within three minutes. Professional burglars will know how to snap traditional locks, leaving your home open to forced entry.

As approved by the Master Locksmiths Association, Police and British Standards, anti-snap locks are installed to protect your home from lock snapping, bumping, drilling and picking. It also takes as little as ten minutes to be installed by a professional and provides unbeatable benefits:

  • Reassurance of your family’s safety
  • Protection for your possessions
  • Deterrence against burglars
  • Better compliance with home insurance policies
  • Stronger security compared to old or damaged locks

Getting in Touch

At Chubb Locksmiths we are an approved Ultion Key Centre, allowing us to upgrade your property with high security locks, protected by 11 pins and that are snap secure. Our team are all trained to install our security solutions securely to keep you home well protected.

To upgrade your home security to deter against car theft, call a member of our team today on 0121 353 3644.