Protecting Your Birmingham Home from Burglary

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Figures recently reported by the local media have confirmed that Birmingham is one of the UK’s top burglary hotspots, with 15 reported burglaries for every 1,000 residents in 2017.  The shocking statistics place Birmingham second behind London in a list of the country’s most burgled cities at a time when crime across the area is on the rise.

As expert locksmiths in the region, here we offer some top tips on keeping your Birmingham home more safe and secure and deterring potential burglars.

Make repairs

One of the best ways of protecting your home is to make sure that broken or malfunctioning locks are fixed and operating properly. This is particularly important in ground floor doors and windows that can otherwise become a very easy target for experienced burglars.

Change the locks

If you lose your keys or move into a new property it is always a good idea to have your locks changed. This helps to make sure that your property is properly secured with a new and unique lock and key system, and offers the peace of mind that a stranger doesn’t have quick access to your property.

Invest in Anti Snap Locks

One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe from burglars is to install Anti Snap Locks. These innovative and advanced lock systems are resistant to even the most efficient burglary techniques including lock snapping, lock bumping, lock drilling and lock picking.

Re-assess home security

Making a wide scale professional assessment of your home security can play an essential role in preventing a successful burglary on your property. A free survey can be performed in order to spot key weaknesses and identify the upgrades that your existing security systems require.

Find out more

Chubb Locksmiths is based in Sutton Coldfield and provides a vast range of locksmith services to ensure the safety and security of domestic properties, including emergency lock changes.

If you would like to discuss improving the home security in your property, including the installation of burglar-proof anti-snap locks, please contact the team at Chubb Locksmiths today on 07817 643167.