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For landlords who let out domestic, office or commercial properties, ensuring that a premises is safe and secure has always been a priority.

Home and business tenants are entitled to expect a high standard of security measures to be implemented throughout a property, protecting the personal property or trading stock that is kept within a rented building.

Here we look at some of the important security improvements that locksmiths offer to landlords, helping to keep new tenants happy and protect rental properties from forced entry.

New locks

Whenever a new tenant moves into a rental property it is highly recommended that new locks are fitted. This helps to prevent previous occupants from accessing the property without authorisation and safeguards against any loss or theft of keys that may have occurred during the previous tenancy.

Key cutting

New tenants should always be provided with a spare set of keys when moving into a rental property, especially if the building is used commercially. This helps to prevent the inconvenience and potential costs that can occur when a tenant’s master keys are lost or stolen.

Emergency services

Assigning a reliable and reputable locksmith service to a rental property is a small but important step. This offers peace of mind to tenants should a break-in occur and helps to assure landlords that the security of their property is in safe and professional hands should the worst happen.

Security upgrades

To ensure that a rental property is as secure as it can be, security upgrades are common practice. This includes replacing damaged window and door locks that are identified as weak-spots, and installing advanced security systems such as Anti-Snap Locks that are burglar proof.

Find out more

Based in Sutton Coldfield, Chubb Locksmiths provide a broad range of locksmith services to ensure the safety and security of domestic, office and commercial rental properties.

If you would like to discuss improving the home security in your property, including the installation of burglar-proof anti-snap locks, please contact the team at Chubb Locksmiths today on 07817 643167.