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73% of home burglaries occur through your door, which is why it is so important to make sure that they are fully secured and approved by your local locksmith.

As the popularity of PVC doors continues to rise, there is no surprise that the techniques used by burglars has adapted as wooden doors become less common. A fault in design has been discovered with the cylinder locks used in PVC doors, making them vulnerable to forced entry, putting you and your home both at risk.

What is Cylinder Snapping?

The vulnerability of locks on PVC doors is not a secret, as while they lock securely they can still be the weaker door option. Burglars have come across a common technique that was used by locksmiths to reopen PVC doors when customers were locked out of their homes, called cylinder snapping.

When completing the cylinder snapping, the door lock snaps halfway down while the other half stays in the door. People are arriving to their homes and being unable to gain access themselves as burglars have broken in through PVC doors at the back and then added a snib onto the front, so they cannot be disturbed while entering the property.

Reports of cylinder snapping has spread across the country and with the number of burglaries in the West Midlands rising, we want to help put a stop to as many as we can.

How to Keep Safe

Anti-snap locks are available to keep your property protected from forced entry. The process is completed using a strengthened anti-snap cylinder which is much stronger and less vulnerable to forced breaking and entering, compared to common cylinder locks.

These locks also keep you protected against lock picking, lock drilling and lock bumping for full protection and peace of mind.

Ultion is the first choice anti-snap lock, recommended by many and currently our go-to high security lock. In addition, it is approved by the Police, Master Locksmiths Association and British Standards for keeping your family and home safe from breaking and entry.

Sleep with peace of mind by getting in touch with our team today on 0121 353 3644.