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In four out of five burglaries, the police are unable to identify suspects, so it’s essential to do what you can to up the security-levels in your home to make sure you don’t fall victim to burglars.


New figures suggest that in over 80 percent of residential burglaries, the police investigation is closed without any suspects being identified. Over the past year, charges or summonses were issued in just five percent of burglaries.

Recent data from the Home office points out that in a total of 249,235 home burglary offences recorded in the past year, 81% of these cases were closed without any suspect being identified, giving thieves the confidence to re-offend time and time again.

Criminals will always target the properties that appear to be the least secure and with the best chance of them not being identified or even seen as they break and enter. With this in mind, it’s important for home owners to think about how secure their property is and what measures are in place to not only prevent a break in, but to deter a burglar in the first place.

In this recent blog post, we covered the topic of deterring burglars, suggesting that sometimes, you need to think like a burglar if you are going to prevent a break-in.

Home security upgrades

If you are unsure how secure your home is, we are able to provide a free security upgrade survey to give you the peace of mind that you are doing what you can to protect your family, property and possessions from burglary.

In a security upgrade survey we look at your property in great detail, identifying any weak spots in your home security, for example, low quality locks that would provide an easy entry point to your home. In the majority of emergency visits, we find that entry to the property has been gained with ease as a result of snapping or drilling low quality locks, so if you are unsure about the security provided by your door or window looks, arrange a security survey today.

Anti Snap Locks

If you are looking to upgrade your property with high security locks for protection against lock snapping, lock bumping, lock drilling and lock picking, the best solution is Ultion anti snap locks. In most cases, Ultion locks can be installed without the need to change existing bolt work as they are designed to directly replace Euro Cylinder locks.

If you feel that you need to upgrade your home security, contact Chubb Locksmiths today by calling 0121 353 3644. Investing in improved home security helps to deter burglars, so the chances of you being victim to a break-in are diminished.