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Throughout the summer of 2018, cities across the U.K. have noticed a considerable increase in home break ins. Having a stranger break into your home can be a traumatizing experience, this is why it is so important to secure your home with reliable systems to lower the risk of break ins and deter unwanted visitors.

To keep your home fully protected from burglaries during the summer it’s important to start by examining your home in the eyes of a burglar, to identify vulnerable points and defenceless entrances. See where your home may need repairing and where requires higher security – then move onto the following steps:


Be aware of any suspicious activity near your home 24/7 to watch out for potential criminals that may return. Seeing what goes on when you’re not at home can make you more conscious of issues you were not so worried about before and surveillance footage can be used as video evidence if anything were to happen.

Remember to Lock Up

During the warm weather a lot of homeowners keep their doors and windows wide open to let in fresh air. However, incase anyone was to notice no one being home, make sure to lock up all windows and doors before leaving.

Or if you are home, only open doors and windows within sight. This way you won’t need to worry about break ins happening at the front of the home while sunbathing in your back garden.

Lock Upgrades & Repairs

If your locks have been damaged from previous break in attempts, lock repairs are a priority for basic home security and peace of mind.

As well as making your home an easy target for break in and entry, damaged locks also create an emergency hazard.  Having a broken door lock can make leaving your home a little more time consuming or challenging, which can be dangerous in emergency situations.

Check your locks, ensure all are in excellent condition and if not, call in for repairs.

Prevent Burglaries during the Summer with our Security Upgrade Survey

If you are not confident completing a security check on your home yourself, call a member of our team on 0121 353 3644 to arrange a security upgrade survey to determine whether your locks need changing or upgrading. Hearing it from a professional can make you feel more at ease about the safety of your home.

And most importantly, if you feel that your home is under threat and someone is about to break in, call the police immediately. Search Chubb Locksmiths online to browse our available security solutions or to find out about our 24 hour emergency service.