The rise of lock snapping in the West Midlands

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Since this time last year, West Midlands Police have had to deal with a minimum of 2,000 burglaries a month. And it’s now reported that lock snapping is the forced entry method of choice in the area[1].

But what is lock snapping, and why should you be worried about it?

If the doors on your property just have the usual Euro Profile Cylinder lock that’s often installed with uPVC doors, your home could be a burglar’s dream. Armed with just a set of pliers and a screwdriver, burglars can get into your home quickly and easily by snapping the lock barrel in two, before removing the outside part to expose and undo the lock.

upgrade your locks to ABS anti snap locks

Lock snapping allows burglars to get into your home quickly, quietly and quite often, without you even noticing. Many thieves now target homes in this way in the dead of night when everyone is asleep, not giving you the opportunity to protect yourself, your home, or your loved ones.

It’s not just electronics and other valuables that thieves are attempting to steal either, if intruders manage to gain entrance to your home and you’ve got an expensive car, you may well find your car has disappeared from the drive too.

So, what can you do to protect yourself against lock snapping?

The only way to protect yourself against lock snapping is to have your locks updated to anti snap locks. There are several on the market, but at Chubb Locksmiths we use ABS Anti Snap Locks, widely regarded as one of the best solutions available. While there is a small cost associated with having your locks upgraded, it is a small price to pay if it means your property is not stolen, your car stays on the drive and you and your family are safe.

Unfortunately, we have been called to properties where homeowners have tried to install anti snap locks themselves, only to find that they’ve failed and their home has been broken into. This hasn’t simply been down to incorrect installation, but has also been related to the wrong size lock and barrel width being used. A trained locksmith will know exactly what to use to do the job properly and can install a new lock professionally and efficiently.

As well as having your locks upgraded, don’t forget to do a thorough check of other elements of your home security. No security lights, CCTV cameras, broken side gates and easy access to rear patio doors are some of the key things that can help a burglar on his or her mission.

If you’re ready to increase your home security and have your locks upgraded to anti snap versions, we can help at an affordable cost. Call us today on 0121 353 3644, or for emergencies, call 07817 643167.